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Creative Front-End Engineer from Paris
Fond of Art and front-end environments

Hi, I'm Patrice a Front End Developer from Paris. I love JavaScript, art, design, music, web standard and everything about traveling.

I’m fond of art in any form whatsoever, and I developed my artistic side at the School of Fine Arts. I’m concerned about details; this artistic side is very useful to me in order to understand a graphic interface and integrate it down to the last pixel, then develop its interactivity.

I had the privilege of working with French & UK companies such as EuroSport, TF1, Vodafone, BNP Paribas, The ING Group, and many more

The creation of websites and web design is my passion. I’m used to working with high-traffic websites.

For inquiries feel free to reach out.

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Do you need a React Front-End Developer to solve your business problems, build your brand new project or get your current one to the next level? — Feel free to reach out.

I enjoy having lots of responsibilities to increase the quality of the customer journey and have interactions with different teams. Mainly within an incredible international environment.

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